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Welcome To Sonrisa

Sonrisa is a non-profit organization in Nepal founded in 2007. Our main focus is the running of a children’s home and community outreach work in remote communities in Nepal. To comply with the government’s regulations, we have an appointed 7-member board of trustees and general members which is elected and serves a term of three years. Within our operation we employ four staff and provide opportunities for individuals to gain experience through our intern program. Eight years ago a group of

Mission Vision Goal
Keeping the regional and International Child Rights Acts on mind  SONRISA is dedicated to work proactively for the betterment of lives of needy children.We strongly believe  that every child deserves the right for education, medical care,love and support irrespective of their socio-economic status. To provide facilities for
Our Project
It has been 6 years since the organization became operational. SON has been fortunate to have many individuals to help and support us during this period, and we are very thankful to them. Here is the list of things that we need more urgently and with which you can help. For
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SONRISA NEPAL LAND DEVELPOMENT Sonrisa Children’s Home has been operating for the past 7 years. During this time we have been operating out an apartment at first, then for the last 6 years in a house. Unfortunately we were greeted with the news that the property we currently rent has been



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