Sonrisa is a non-profit organization in Nepal founded in 2007. Our main focus is the running of a children's home and community outreach work in remote communities in Nepal. To comply with the government's regulations, we have an appointed 7-member board of trustees and general members which is elected and serves a term of three years. Within our operation we employ four staff and provide opportunities for individuals to gain experience through our intern program.

Twelve years ago a group of friends realized that there was shortage of real help for orphans and displaced children in Nepal. In a small apartment in the Kathmandu Valley 8 children from different families and backgrounds were gathered. The operation, funded mostly from board members pockets, grew and today there are 16 children in the children's home and four home-based education families who are assisted outside of the valley.

With the establishment of a children's home, the directors realized that they needed to offer competitive alternatives to the already saturated market in Nepal of children's care and home provision. The children all attend a public school located near to the home. This means that they are educated in Nepalese and English. The children are afforded the opportunity to become conversant in English, opening many more doors in their life because they are developing English as a language.

At home the children are further afforded assistance by way of a tutoring program. In addition the children cultivate a love for the arts. Music, by way of violin and flute are taught as well traditional dance. Often the children have opportunities to entertain the community with their talents. They are regularly taken hiking and walking on nature trails to stimulate their love for nature and Nepal.

The children's home is exactly that: a home. They all form part of a family. Family values are encouraged and when one walks into the room it is immediately experienced.

The children come from varying backgrounds and where possible the families are kept together. In 2014, a family that was part of the family based education program out of the valley, suffered tragedy and the family of three were brought to stay in the home. We welcome them to the Sonrisa Family.

Sonrisa Nepal has expanded the activities to doing the health camp for villagers, what showed to be helpful especially after earthquake on March 2015. The camp equipment, experiences from Himalayan Sunrise in combination with international medical support of Sonrisa friends and Sonrisa children deliver effective fast help.