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Equipment of New Sonrisa House

As we will move soon, we have to arrange a lot of things around. The project is growing.

Due bedbugs, which we have more than 3 years, now in really limited volume, but unfortunately still, we want to buy new beds (1750 USD), mattresses (750 USD) and blankets.
Children are moving to the new school with different uniform, so… Read more

Building The New Sonrisa House

Building The New Sonrisa House is in process. The current house has 2 floors and the third has to be built to have enough bedrooms for children. We are building additional 3 rooms on top-total budget is 20ths.USD The third floor is going to be visible.
Thank you for all support.
Also special thanks to Razu for supervision

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Key of new house

We got the key of the new house. The current landlord finally moved this weekend as it was agreed. We can start to make the building adjustments.

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Children counceling

Children attended counseling - to recognize their strengths, performs personal development plans for the future.

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New house

Sonrisa is very happy to announce that now Sonrisa owns its own property in Kirtipur Kathmandu.Tuesday the 6th December 2016 we have bought 2 stories house. It is in name of Sonrisa. Location near to is where the TU is (Tribhuwan University).There are good points to get in this area, as Kathmandu has major problem for drinking water. This house… Read more

Birthing Centre Lower Everest region Nepal.

In Nepal, most births take place at home, and many, particularly in rural areas, are not attended by a skilled birth attendant. The women from the rural areas face multiple obstacles during child birth, significantly affecting their health and the safety of their unborn child. Firstly is the lack of transportation to a safe hospital or centre, with no roads… Read more

Pashupati Musical Concert

Music has been superb for the children and they play various types of instruments. They have become pretty good mainly with flute and violin. They have been performing live music on many places and events here in the valley. The last one they played was on Saturday 22nd of Sep 2010. They also played live music concert for… Read more

Namaste! G'day! Ciao! Bonjour!

We are very pleased to launch a new project. This will bring together people from all around the world!

The children from Sonrisa Orphanage Nepal have been evicted from their home in Kathmandu. We will be auctioningAngie Bucolo's (Australia) eight paintings of the children to help raise funds so that they can have a permanent new home.

The bidding for… Read more


Dear Sonrisa friends and people from all over the world, It’s been more than one year since you last heard from us. And although, as some of you know, it’s not the first time this happens, we would like to apologize to you for this long silence. we have to say that the past year has been particularly busy, so… Read more

April-May 2012

The children had a 3 week break In between final exams and the starting of a new school sesion and we too them for a camping trip for 1 night /2days recently to Dhulikhel from where they saw the magnificent Himalayan ranges.Our good friends Kate Dowell and Susan Robertson also joined us for the trip and they had lots of… Read more

2012 Feb-Mar

Namaste!!! Those of you who have visited Sonrisa will notice some changes about the place. In the vacant block behind us, we now have a large and productive green house where we are growing carrots, coriander, cabbage, chillis, broccoli and lettuce. We are not quite self sufficient but are on the way. Big piles of manure to improve our crops… Read more

2011 November-2012 January

Over the last few months many things has taken place in Sonrisa.The terrace wall at Sonrisa Nepal was recently upgraded with a new railing for the safety of the children & other members of the orphanage. After the railing installation it is safe now.Health & Nutrition has always been a strong major focus at Sonrisa. We recently built a “Green… Read more

September /February

Greetings from Sonrisa, With an immense feeling we can tell you that Sonrisa’ and the children have been doing well. Various activities have kept us busy during these few months e.g music project from Italy, chicken project, the green house project, rice cultivation and difference types of veggies like gingers & garlic are growing this year and its all organic.… Read more