2011 November-2012 January

Over the last few months many things has taken place in Sonrisa.The terrace wall at Sonrisa Nepal was recently upgraded with a new railing for the safety of the children & other members of the orphanage. After the railing installation it is safe now.Health & Nutrition has always been a strong major focus at Sonrisa. We recently built a “Green House” that will give us healthy organic fresh vegetables straight from our backyard, which saves us money to buy the vegetables. Also starting very soon we shall have around 50 chickens in our backyard that would not only give eggs but fresh meat too. A chicken coop has been built for this purpose. Water has always been a problem at the Sonrisa household and we recently built an alternative water source at our very own backyard. We dug up to 150 feet underground to find water that will help us with additional water source. The water is not drinkable yet but we are looking for a water purifier. Some water filters/purifiers are available in the local market but it is very expensive so we are looking for a suitable & reasonable solution. The annual “General Board Meeting” was also held recently On the other hand one of the house sisters is on a leave and one has quit the job. An accountant was hired on a contract basis and so was a tutor. A child has been sponsored for a home based education also Children performed at the music concert in down town organized by The Nepal Scout. They did very well.Children are back in school now after almost a month of winter vacation. As a part of the annual camping treat trip, we took the children to Kakani where they had loads of fun. Where as one kid “Jaya” who’s getting very good at flute had to stay back for another music concert in Kathmandu For the new alternate water source at Sonrisa we thank Sister Francesca,Barzin school in Orvieto, head teacher Monica Dalmonte,Director of L,Barzini and all teachers,students,school management committee and parents committee as well. We would like to thank Kerrie, Deb and Cathy and every one in Australia, for getting the children Dashera festival clothes and water tank of 2000 litres and some taps for the basin. We also thank to Anna Chabin and all the good people in Switzerland, Dr, David Dunne Carol Ann, Dr, Don Melady,Rowley Mashop, Elizabeth Louise Dellström Margherita Savarese Italy, Naomi & Marc Broudo Devora & Doug Haeuber, Kate Dowell, Mayumi, MS.Maria Postoncini ,Mr Diodato Del Sorbo, Ms Lucia Rossi, Mr Marzio Mucerino Caliendo and Family, Giuseppe,Tommaso,Domenico and Anna La Rezza, Orchestra Di- fiati-citta "- di marigliano" Nichola Caprio & Milania Corcione, Mr Walter Paolocci Ms Mayumi Onuki, Ms. Margherita Savarese, Ms Paola Bruno & Milania Corcione and Mr Walter Paolocci. Angela"s Afternoon 2011 [ by Dr. Carol Ann ]