2012 Feb-Mar

Namaste!!! Those of you who have visited Sonrisa will notice some changes about the place. In the vacant block behind us, we now have a large and productive green house where we are growing carrots, coriander, cabbage, chillis, broccoli and lettuce. We are not quite self sufficient but are on the way. Big piles of manure to improve our crops are not delighting the neighbors but we are making the most of the cows nearby! We also have 49 chicken for getting fresh eggs for the children. We suppose start getting eggs in next 4 month.Last monsoon we grew rice there and harvested. We are now reaping the rewards and eating our very own Sonrisa rice. This should keep us in rice for approximately 2months! Our next rice crop will go in at the beginning of the monsoon in a few months. While there was no rice growing, we had a volley ball court and for Dashain we erected a swing. We are making very good use of this land while we can! Othe r changes that have happened thanks to the generosity of our supporters involve WATER! Many of you would be aware that water is an ongoing problem in Kathmandu and can be a very expensive and erratic. In our small courtyard, we know have large tanks installed and a washing area that includes three sinks, taps for washing plates and clothes and a large mirror. Initially our water usage increased but we are educating the children about how to conserve our water. They are also VERY excited about seeing themselves and there is more time spent gazing at their images and dreaming up hairstyles. We think they will lost interest with time.We have also been able to build a deep well to reach some more water. Initially, this was not ideally drinkable but we have been able to purchase filters and a treatment system that will mean that we can at least use it for washing and irrigation, if not drinking. Over time, this would save us a lot of money.Children finished their final exam, they are enjoying school break waiting for the result, they are confident they've done very well, they are excited to moving on upper grade.They will be doing usual musical lesson, during their school break we have made few plans for them to involved excited about it. We celebrated Holi (known as a colorful festival) Children had a lots of fun playing colors and water. Visitors It was very nice of getting visit by Team of Medical Mercy Canada ( M.D Mr. Myron Semkuley Mrs. Elaine Semkuley, Country director for Nepal, Mrs. Elsie James and friend. We like thanks to Ms. Barbara, bringing us gifts Items Volley ball, Violin bow and Mrs. Deb taking Nepali Handicraft Items back to Canada for coming Fundraiser event "Sonrisa Stepping Stones II" We would like to thanks Mrs. Frances and Poul brought for us a lots of gifts Items, Toys, Clothes, Stationery, Sweets, It was a big rewards for children because they were just finished their final exam. We like to thank Mr. Gerald.We also thanks to teacher & student of class 7-9 Mt. Gourishanker Boarding school Baluwataar Kathmandu , provide stationery and clothes . We thanks to Dr. Prof. Carol Ann Courneya,Rachel Smith,Jill Courneya, Alicia Scott,Candace Munro, Candace is UBC med student who helped at Sonrisa this summer. Kiley Cindrich, Kiely is also UBC med student from this past summer. Ivona Sindler,Jan Ebensteiner,Ann Bussell,Carol Evenchick,Maggie Stevens and all the People for hand knitting warm hat, Muffler gloves and socks. It was really nice to get it right middle of winter time. Kept them warm. It is exam time now and the children have studied hard and are in the middle of completing exams. We think they have worked harder this year and are looking forward to their results. We also taken Children to regular dental check up. Thanks to Australian Under going calendar project, Mrs.Deborah Kahn, Mrs. Karrie, Miss Cathy and every one helping the the project. Thanks to Ms. Tania and Louise Joanne Sansom organizing fundraiser event in Barcelona recently , Thanks to Arcadia Melnyk.Louise Dellstrom.Malgosia Ziemkiewicz (Mau) and Her mum. Sacha, Biggest thanks to Dr. Malcolm and Mrs. Wendy Moore. “A SMILE FOR SONRISA III” We are very pleased to inform you all that conducted grand succeed “A SMILE FOR SONRISA III” fundraiser concert for Sonrisa in Italy 2011. We would like to thank Again our dear friend Francesca & her family who had organizing this wonderful fund raising event working so hard, every one Head teacher of Barzini School Ms. Monica and Ms. Lia in Orvieto, Special thanks to Hon. Mayor Dr. Patrizio Napolitano & Councilors Raffaele Ambrosino in Scisciano and Ms. Margherita Savaese in Rome.. very grateful for performers and artists group Sanitansamble,Orchestra Di Fiati Citta, Di Marigliano Nicola Caprio & Melania Corcione & all the people who ware involved & participate in this good cause. Sonrisa stepping stones II It was great news for us our best friend of Sonrisa of Canada Rachel & Sachiko organizing second annual Sonrisa Stepping Stones fundraising event! It will be an entertainment filled evening by local performers and artists . The evening will consist of delicious food (samosas, pakoras and more!) and drinks, a silent auction with an array of items for sale, and an amazing night of performances. Venue:-St. Anselm's Anglican Church in Vancouver. 6:00pm until 9:00pm Saturday, 2nd June, 2012. you are interested and around the Vancouver are and would like to know more information about the event , please email at Rachel So rso87@hotmail.com or feel free to call her cell no. . or call Sachiko Kojimo at cell: . Any improvements we make is only possible because of the support and encouragement of all the people who care for us. As always, we are very grateful to you all.