April-May 2012

The children had a 3 week break In between final exams and the starting of a new school sesion and we too them for a camping trip for 1 night /2days recently to Dhulikhel from where they saw the magnificent Himalayan ranges.Our good friends Kate Dowell and Susan Robertson also joined us for the trip and they had lots of fun with children. The children especially & the staff were delighted & loved their company. Children have done very well on their exams, Jaya has come in 2nd position out of 142 students, Saraswoti was in 5th position and others also have improved a lot. On the back yard of Sonrisa home we have planted corn and different types of vegetables, its growing very well and we have already started to use them on a daily basis.Tomatoes are growing very well and when its ready we will be using and selling for some income.The chickens have grown pretty big and we are expecting eggs from next month. Golden gate college Teachers and student came to our home with a lots of gifts and food for the children, they played fun games and the children loved it.A musical concert in down town was organised by Bahing Kirat Mulikhim where Sonrisa Children performed with popular artists of Nepal. With live music the children also performed dancing. It was fantastic. That was their 3rd stage performance. [ Please view the video by clicking on the you tube" icon at the bottom of the page ] As we believe music is medicine ''for our children,we have added more instruments recently like SARANGI and a few more MADALS, New Guitar, but We still need to get some more instruments like Harmoniums amplifier etc.