Equipment of New Sonrisa House

As we will move soon, we have to arrange a lot of things around. The project is growing.

Due to bedbugs, which we have had more than 3 years, now in really limited volume, but unfortunately still around, we want to buy new beds (approx. 1750 USD), mattresses (750 USD) and blankets.
Children are moving to the new school with different uniform, so new uniforms are needed.

Later on we are thinking about a washing machine (at a minimum, the blankets and  bed sheets have to be washed properly at a higher temperature). We are also interested in getting  a bicycle - as we will be out of the city center, we would like to arrange some part time job (music/dance teacher, assistant  electrician/plumber/cook etc) for them. This would teach them how to make pocket money, so a bicycle would give them the  possibility to get to work. for it. It is not priority right now.