News 2018

Since it's been long silence, daily life of Sonrisa is continuing.

At this moment only Kamala is taking care in Sonrisa, she is doing very well with all the kids. Nira, second lady, who was working as warden, she got an opportunity to go and work in Hong Kong.  The children are grown up, they are engaged to work in the field to grow the seasonal vegetables, also the seasonal crops including rice, wheat, potatoes,  so on and still we have some chicken.

Friends from Australia, teachers and students, through Culture, environment, Development and Adventure  (CEDA) came to Sonrisa and they cooperated to build the beautiful rock wall, they helped with a lots of physical work. All the Sonrisa family got invited for dinner in Hotel Moonlight restaurant in Thamel. Food was so yummy and children enjoyed so much.  We would like to thanks the CEDA.

During Dashain, the biggest Hindu  festival, this time only 3 of them  Wonchhu and Phula and,  of course, Kamala stayed at Sonrisa, everyone else  went for celebration  with their  relatives, most of them arrived  back to Sonrisa before Diwali, festival  of lights, as school has just started straightaway after Diwali.

Bindu, Jaya, Kala and Saraswoti, they got their first term result at the new schools.  Bindu did very well , Jaya and Kala did good too, but Saraswoti didn’t get good result enough, basically she need start from beginning in different school,  so  she will be 1 year behind than 3 other.

Lakpa is still teaching in kindergarten, which is her fulltime job, but now she has started the studying Uni (BSW), she will be completing it in 3 years.   She has decided to study and work, her college is in the morning time and during the day she is working.


Other 11 are still in the secondary school, they are doing well, happy and healthy. 4 of them, Dinesh, Ramesh, Kusal and Ramita, are preparing for big exam S.E.E. this spring.


One of our friend with her team, they are establishing a school for vulnerable children, they can get a sponsor, they really needed to get organize a garden and fill the soil in the pot for planting flowers for the garden.  Sonrisa decided to go to give a hand as volunteers, went really well, it's nicely made in different,   children felt good about it, that they could contribute something back.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Thank you for all kind support