Pashupati Musical Concert

Music has been superb for the children and they play various types of instruments. They have become pretty good mainly with flute and violin. They have been performing live music on many places and events here in the valley. The last one they played was on Saturday 22nd of Sep 2010. They also played live music concert for the elders home(Senior Citizen Home) which happens to be the only one elder home here in Nepal. Elder citizens unfortunately, some of them have no family and some who have been kicked out from their own family have their own stories to tell. There are currently 232 of them all together. These elderly people had never seen or watched live music let alone played by Children, no body played for them. It was a joyous moment when our children played for them especially the songs that they knew ‘ old folk songs and they sand and danced when our children played for them. They were so extremely happy. Some of our Japanese friends sponsored the sound system for the event . Myself BIl our music GURU and a few others also played guitar, tabala and they loved it. They asked us when would we come back and play for them again and we said we shall try our best to come back and play for them soon. Nepali National TV was also present then and they conducted an interview with me ,children and the elderly people. It was on the news later stating what Sonrisa has done for the elder’s home and it was a co-incident that the day was a social serve day.

When people saw Sonrisa children on TV they were calling me from long distances because they were not expecting to see Sonrisa program on TV of children playing music for elderly people it’s very rare for Nepali children to play or perform concert at such young age.