September /February

Greetings from Sonrisa, With an immense feeling we can tell you that Sonrisa’ and the children have been doing well. Various activities have kept us busy during these few months e.g music project from Italy, chicken project, the green house project, rice cultivation and difference types of veggies like gingers & garlic are growing this year and its all organic. Music has been superb for the children and they play various types of instruments. They have become pretty good mainly with flute and violin. They have been performing live music on many places and events here in the valley. The last one they played was on Saturday 22nd of Sep 2010. They also played live music concert for the elders home(Senior Citizen Home) which happens to be the only one elder home here in Nepal. Elder citizens unfortunately, some of them have no family and some who have been kicked out from their own family have their own stories to tell. There are currently 232 of them all together. These elderly people had never seen or watched live music let alone played by Children, no body played for them. It was a joyous moment when our children played for them especially the songs that they knew ‘ old folk songs and they sand and danced when our children played for them. They were so extremely happy. Some of our Japanese friends sponsored the sound system for the event . Myself BIl our music GURU and a few others also played guitar, tabala and they loved it. They asked us when would we come back and play for them again and we said we shall try our best to come back and play for them soon. Nepali National TV was also present then and they conducted an interview with me ,children and the elderly people. It was on the news later stating what Sonrisa has done for the elder’s home and it was a co-incident that the day was a social serve day. When people saw Sonrisa children on TV they were calling me from long distances because they were not expecting to see Sonrisa program on TV of children playing music for elderly people it’s very rare for Nepali children to play or perform concert at such young age. I have the clip of what was on TV, I shall upload it on our website once I have more time. After two days from the concert we took our children for a hike as we try to explore new places around Kathmandu valley. It was a beautiful hike. The first two hours was uphill climb through the forest and later through villages and then downhill passing through rice filed. Altogether it was a a12 kilometers hike and it was lots of fun and also we had our friends from Canada. On the 19th,20th and 21st of Sep 2012 Sonrisa had organized a free health camp and educational project in Siwrung lamjung the mountainous remote area in the mid west part of Nepal. We had one physician,a dentist with seven health hygienist. There were 260 Patients all together and all were so helpful keen and welcoming. It was pretty far from Kathmandu with eleven hour’s drive followed by walking in dark. The point where were started to walk 900m we had to gain 1000m within 5hours and in darkness it was pretty difficult walking in the dark with a big slope nearby. But once we got to the Siwrung we received a warm hearted welcome. Even in the middle of the night we felt like a daytime. Doctors were bit concerned because next morning they had to start checking the patients and they were very tired but in the end they were happy with villagers getting health care, in our team there were four Japanese friends too. They also found walking in the dark uphill pretty daunting but they forgot the tiredness and stress when they saw and witnessed the villager’s hospitality and eagerness to get medical service. We have many pictures also of the free health camp and we also had a National TV senior journalist and a camera man with us all the time, he will show it on TV once its fully edited. Our 46 chickens each gives us an egg every day, plenty for Sonrisa children, and some we sell it too for its not a big income but it’s an income none the less. Kala is very dedicated in looking after the chickens. In our green house we are currently growing spinach, coriander, carrots, cabbages and cauliflowers.Rice is growing good and we have planted Ginger too, it’s a lot of ginger and more than enough for one year so we will be selling some as some people like to buy from us because it’s organic.Ramita is a new girl who has done incredibly well at school she came in 2nd position whole class, she plays very good violin sings well and dances too, Jaya came in first position in his whole class of 122 students. He plays very good flute with a feel. Others are in the 5th position, but generally doing very good. Children now know practically where the rice, eggs and veggies come from. Aunties are also very helpful to them. We still have two tutors every day to come and help the children with their home work and we also have music teachers who give music lessons alternate to music class, alternate because children they go to dances class another day. Our water system is working very well. We recently built a drain also for the waste management. We also have put a new window upstairs where the volunteer room used to be, the room has more light now. Lastly we have separated the girls and the boy’s bath room. We have built a new bath room for the boys. We installed new electrical wiring throughout the house as it was getting old and causing problems. It’s working superbly now. As Govt.has been strict for children homes now they have decided that all children homes now require a medical clinic within the premises, the Sonrisa Doctor will visit monthly to check all the children's health at the newly installed clinic. Also required is medical insurance for each of the children. We've also appointed a child psychologist for counseling the children if needed. Emergency food boxes are also prepared in case of unexpected natural disaster such as an earthquake. Now we have new set of Battery for Electricity [ Special thanks to Mrs Pia Brown] and our solar panel is being updated soon thanks to [ Mr.Paul Evers-Swindell (Rotary Club St. Asaph North Wales) ] We also would like to thank Dr. Malcolm Moore and Mrs Wendy Moore family, friends and Anna Chabin. With all the these happening in aid of Sonrisa I can’t even imagine where we would be without your support. None of this would be possible without all your kindness, your loving thought and support towards us and I thank you with from the bottom of my heart as always. A very special thank you for our great friend Francesca who organized grand successful fundraising show in Scisciano in Italy again and Don Luigi for "Don Luigi project" and Mrs Lia for parents committee Barzini School in Orvieto. Special thanks to the Hon. Mayor Patrizio Napolitano, to the Councillor Raffaele Ambrosino, to the Sound and light Designer Ernesto Serpico, to ms. Brigida, mr. Sebi and this year particularly to mr. Franco, mr.Gianni. Great thanks from the bottom of our hearts to the special one, ms. Stefania Rinaldi that was our strength in supporting the project and amazing in conducting the Chorus. Thanks to mr. Luigi Del Prete, playing the piano. Thanks to the Royal Theatre and Supt. ms. Rosanna Purchia and to all the children of the Chorus. Their voices were like angels touching all the hearts of the audience. "FAR MUSICA INSIEME PER..." (means: make music together for...) held on December 21st in the charming XII century building Palazzo del Popolo, it involved all the classes of the Primary School "L.Barzini" in Orvieto. They sang many touching Christmas traditional songs and recited some Christmas poems. They also sold many handcrafts made by themselves dedicating a part of this fundraising to Sonrisa. Special thanks to the Director of studies ms. Bellini, ms. Cinzia (the teacher of music), ms. Cristiana (the teacher of maths), ms. Paola (the teacher of English) and all the teachers of the school. Thanks with all our hearts to ms. Lia, always strongly believing in this Sonrisa Project. Final thanks to all the students of the School Barzini and their parents.