Dear Sonrisa friends and people from all over the world, It’s been more than one year since you last heard from us. And although, as some of you know, it’s not the first time this happens, we would like to apologize to you for this long silence. we have to say that the past year has been particularly busy, so we have had to give priority toother pressing issues and keep on postponing writing the Newsletter – but it has definitely been in our mind! Another reason related to this was that Sonrisa website was hacked, and to resume it took a while: we had to cancel the agreement with the web designer and had to find another webmaster. Every time we want to post something in the website, we need to get someone who is familiar with web designing, and none of our staff or board members at Sonrisa can do this job. Now we have managed to hired a new company to do all the work and publishing related to the website, so things should now go more smooth in that sense. We know how important it is for people to know what is going on in Sonrisa. Some people come to visit us and get to know first hand how the children are doing and what is going on. We also maintain regular communication with some of the people who contribute to Sonrisa. But it is true that, for many of you, the only way to get information is through our website and the Newsletter. We tried to give some update through the Sonrisa Facebook page, but we realize it's not the same. We apologize again. We will try our best to get back on track and publish a regular Newsletter for all of you. ... So here we go! First of all we would like to say a big gratitude for the continuing support of our regular donors and special thanks for the invaluable help from our new supporters.